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This page contains all the latest updates about the module.

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Version 1.06 – 11/27/04

  • Fixed some quest spawn triggers to make it party compatible.
  • Changed the “skull” cavern entrances into normal ones to allow entry for tall folk like half-orcs.
  • Made all placeable conversations public.
  • Reverted most areas’ PvP settings back to default. All major and minor quest NPC areas are still hard-coded for no PvP.
  • Cleaned up some NPC code/waypoints in Tristram to prevent AI Update Time Overflow errors.
  • Removed the restriction trigger on the Hive areas which will allow players to revisit the Hive levels even after defeating the Defiler.
  • Removed the script that automatically gives the henchman healing kit to the player after they’ve hired a henchman. You should now find the kit on any of the henchmen’s inventory.
  • Fixed the conversation on Gillian’s grandmother where she continues to give an alignment change everytime you talk to her. Also changed her appearance model.
  • Fixed the loot script that was unable to function right with the 1.64 patch.
  • Removed plot status of Arkaine’s Valor. Players are now free to sell it if they don’t need it.
  • Removed the following items from Wirt’s high-end unique item store: Godly Plate/Armor/Robe of the Whale, Stormshield, the Grandfather, and Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac. They will now only be available via super unique boss drops.
  • Players can now sell their items to almost all merchants in the game, and not just Ogden. However, you can’t sell just any items to all of them (i.e. Griswold won’t buy potions and scrolls, Pepin or Adria won’t buy weapons and armor, etc). Ogden will still buy anything players sell him.
  • Added conversation nodes to the NPCs dealing with the Butcher’s Cleaver, as well as conversation nodes dealing with the fate of two of the NPCs in the module. Also corrected some inconsistencies with salutations and wavs.
  • Added lawful/chaotic alignment shifts in the conversations and actions.
  • Changed the death script of almost all creatures in the module, so that their corpses will be “lootable” and not just drop loot bags anymore. Normal monsters will take 2 minutes to decay/disappear, regardless of whether players have looted them or not. Unique bosses will take 5 minutes to decay.
  • Added a way to deal with roaming townsfolk in the dungeons – if you tell them to let you handle the dangers and just go back home, you will gain 200xp and a +1 alignment shift to lawful for each townsfolk you save/talk to, and the townsfolk will disappear.
  • All barrels in the first four levels of the dungeon are now locked and the only way to access their contents is to bash them. Beware, however, because some of them will contain undetectable traps.
  • Added text commands to henchmen (for example, typing “fall back” will make your henchman retreat. Check the Hints & Tips section for a list of acceptable text commands, and how to make a custom text macro/shortcut in-game). Many thanks to Wolfspirit for help on the script.
  • Reduced the number of encounters in the forest areas, as well as the early parts of the Caverns.
  • Slightly reduced the loot quality of monsters. The following monsters will no longer drop loot: all Horned Demon species, all Hidden species, almost all the bugs in the Hive, all Magma Demon species, all Incinerators species, Hellboars, Tombrats, Crypt Demons, Flesh Things, Psychorbs, and Shamblers, in addition to all previous creatures who don’t drop loot (scavengers, winged fiends, etc). All unique bosses should drop treasure, regardless of their species.
  • The AI of almost all creatures have been enhanced. They will now try to use their inherent feats and skills whenever possible (knockdown, called shot, hide skills, etc).
  • Tweaked monster stats and abilities.
  • Changed some stats on unique items.
  • All tomes found in the dungeons will now only have one charge each. For multi-charged tomes, buy them from Adria.
  • The price of Healing kits have been increased a bit.
  • Wirt’s “special item” store has been modified so that it will emulate Griswold’s store – at lower levels the items in his store will be few and less powerful, but as the player levels up, Wirt’s store will be updated to add more powerful items on top of the previous ones. Like Griswold’s store, the updates occur in character levels 6, 11, and 16.
  • You can now sell the Undead Crown to Ogden after you finish the Leoric quest. How much you’ll get depends on your Persuade skill.
  • Changed the appearance of The Butcher.
  • Nerfed the stats of Azurewrath.
  • Lowered the XP bar from 30% to 25%.
  • Added a new Module FAQ which contains the most commonly asked questions about the module, gathered from the Vault comments, Bioware forum posts and emails to me by players who tried the module.

* * * * *

Version 1.05 – 11/07/04

  • Fixed a bug with Nadine event occurring twice in the Western Forest.
  • Made all the tomes taken from the lecterns droppable (if you want to do T’kron’s quest, make sure not to dispose of these books!)
  • Updated the module to make use of the latest CEP version (1.50)
  • Updated the appearance.2da, placeables.2da, parts_neck.2da, parts_robe.2da and portraits.2da in a separate required hak (lotcephak1.hak) to make it compatible with CEP 1.50.

* * * * *

Version 1.04 (bugfix) – 10/19/04

  • Fixed the conversation/henchman bug on Mello and Jarulf that prevented players from hiring other henchmen if either of these two died or were fired.
  • Almost all unique bosses are now immune critical hits, sneak attack, death magic, fear and mind-affecting spells.
  • Fixed the conversation/henchman bug on Mello that prevented players from hiring other henchmen when they finish Mello’s quest and he leaves.
  • Changed the requirement for Wirt’s elite store from level 19 to level 18.
  • Fixed the Altar of Anguish, which wasn’t removing the runes from you after it has been used.
  • Added lightning spells to the Storms.
  • Changed the requirement for the Izual/Azurewrath quest (check quests section for details).
  • Recompiled the module for patch 1.64.

* * * * *

Version 1.03 – 10/07/04

  • Made resting possible in Andariel’s lair.
  • Nerfed the monk’s weapons in the Temple Ruins.
  • Lowered the hitpoints of the Kindred.
  • Changed the requirement for Lost Boys quest (you now need to reach third level of Catacombs to trigger this quest from Deese).
  • Changed the lantern illumination from bright to normal.
  • Fixed some of the items with charges at the merchants.
  • Changed the monster models of the fallen ones, carvers, devil kin and dark ones.
  • Updated the quests, hints and readme documents.
  • Made a few tweaks to correct the henchman bug.

* * * * *

Version 1.02 (bugfix) – 10/02/04

  • Corrected the area transition in the Abandoned House related to the Worms in the Cellar quest.
  • Changed the appearance of the Tavern Sign that Snotspill drops.

* * * * *

Version 1.01 (bugfix) – 09/30/04

  • Corrected a script not firing when you open the door to the Butcher’s chamber (it should now spawn the Butcher).
  • Made Mello’s +1 Kama droppable/transferable.

* * * * *

Version 1.00 – 09/28/04

  • Module release at the Vault.

* * * * *

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