Long ago, the world of Sanctuary was ravaged by an eternal war between the angels of the High Heavens and the demons of the Burning Hells that had spilled over to the mortal realm. Thousands of years have passed since that great war, and the world of mortals has been flourishing. But an ancient evil is rearing its ugly head in Tristram, a small town in Khanduras.

Now you have come back to Tristram, the place of your birth, because something deep inside you has beckoned you to return – and face your destiny…



 This module requires the following:

* If you have downloaded the hakpack and music pack separately from before, make sure that it is the most recent one (last updated 09/17/04 or later).



 Extract the contents of the archive(s) to the following folders:

The Lord of Terror 1.06.mod -> /NWN/modules
lothak.hak -> /NWN/hak
lotwav.hak -> /NWN/hak
lotcephak1.hak -> /NWN/hak
lotintro.bik -> /NWN/movies
lotending.bik -> /NWN/movies

* If you downloaded the music pack, extract all the .BMU files into your /NWN/music folder.
* For instructions on how to install the Community Expansion Pack (CEP), click here.
* If this is your first time installing this module, please note that lotcephak1.hak is the same in both the hak download and the module download. The lotcephak1.hak was included in the module download for the sake of those who already downloaded the hakpacks before and want to play the updated module, without having to re-download all the main hakpacks again.



 This module was created using Neverwinter Nights classic (without the expansions SoU and HotU), but it should work properly with either. Some feats introduced in the expansions will not work in this module (i.e. crafting wands, scribing scrolls, etc. because of absence of ingredients/reagents) and some high end spell scrolls may not be available at the spell merchants (i.e. Missile Storms, etc). Crafting skills that do not require ingredients or any other special components apart from gold or experience should still work (i.e. armor crafting, etc). Grenade weapons are not available at the merchants. Some henchman functions are done via conversations rather than from the radial menu, so you may encounter weird issues if you use the latter on some functions.



 This module has been thoroughly tested for bugs, and there should be no game-stopping glitches, but here are some possible situations you may face, with suggestions on how to deal with them:

  • Missing Head or Body on some NPCs – this is a common issue for modules that use custom content, particularly CEP. To solve this, save and exit the game, then restart and load the saved game.
  • Missing textures and/or wacky colors – one of the rare quirks with some video cards. Use the suggestion above to solve it.
  • Invisible enemies attacking you – another common issue with some video cards. Just save your game and reload.
  • Game freezes/crashes in the Hell areas – I encountered this issue once or twice through the course of play-testing, and I think it might be attributed to my “low-end” system (1Ghz Athlon). This is why it’s a good idea to save often, at least once in every new area you visit.
  • Sometimes some monsters stand up after they’re killed – they don’t attack you, they just stand there, and when you highlight them, it says they’re dead. It’s been an issue ever since I started play-testing the module, and I haven’t found the cause, or a fix for it. Since it happens rarely, it is recommended that you just wait for the standing creature to decay/fade away.
  • Some loot-bags don’t disappear immediately after you pilfer its contents. It may be related to some of the custom AI script. I considered this a minor issue, since loot-bags are destroyed after you leave an area, anyway.
  • Sometimes shrines may not fire properly. I have tried to fix all the bugs with the shrines but there is always the possibility of a script not firing as intended.



It is recommended that you play the module through without any walkthrough for the challenge, but for those who are stuck in some quests, please visit the link below for quest hints and walkthroughs:


* * * * *


With The Lord of Terror being my first module, it could not have been created and finished without the use of excellent community content by several talented people:

Custom Tilesets:

Custom Creatures:

Custom Equipment:

Custom Scripts:

Custom Music:

Miscellaneous Custom Content and Utilities:

Alpha/Early Beta Testers:

  • AngryIrish, ~Binabik~, Cerbrius, Dragonblood2, Dryden, Firegirl, Grimm, JadeZ, Kain, KiThirster, Lord Brasi, Onnie, Prime, Rentar, Revenir, uh..ok, (x), Angelheart Omnique

Final Playtesters:

  • Akkei, ~Binabik~, Capulcu, Iron Monk, Foxbat, Larielar Cithranduil, Melee, Nimrod and Roybos



  • The guys and gals over at The Builder’s Project, for helping me test, polish and improve the module far beyond what I could’ve done on my own. 
  • Everyone who participated in the public multiplayer beta of this module at Gamespy that I forgot to mention in the credits.


Please submit any bugs reports, feedback and recommendations by using my contact form. And don’t forget to rate this module at the Vault! You can also discuss this module in the Bioware forums. Have fun, and thanks for playing The Lord of Terror!

* * * * *

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