T’kron’s Knowledge

Quest name:  T’kron’s Knowledge
Objective:  Gather all the tomes T’kron needs to broaden his knowledge of the events in Tristram. There should be seven tomes in all.
Quest trigger:  T’kron (Tavern of the Rising Sun)

  • This quest is triggered when you talk to T’kron after reaching the first level of the Catacombs.
  • T’kron needs seven books, although he won’t tell you how many when you talk to him. The books he needs can be found in the following areas:
    The Great Conflict (Cathedral, first level)
    The Sin War (Cathedral, second level)
    The Dark Exile (Cathedral, third level)
    The Binding of the Three (Cathedral, fourth level)
    The Archbishop’s Journal #1 (Catacombs, first level)
    The Archbishop’s Journal #2 (Catacombs, third level)
    The Archbishop’s Journal #3 (Hell, second level)
  • For retrieving the books he needs, T’kron will reward you with a unique ring.

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