The Worms in the Cellar

Quest name:  The Worms in the Cellar
Objective:  To investigate and exterminate the creatures under the abandoned house.
Quest trigger:  Pepin the Healer, after you have reached the first level of the Catacombs (Tristram)

  • The worms are actually ant larva. The areas you need to investigate are only two levels, and you can easily make the underground lair a short trip by figuring out the quickest way to reach the exit to the next level (the exit is northwest).
  • You end the quest by killing the Hive Queen, and she drops a unique item for you.
  • Look over the chasm where the green smoke is coming from for a harbinger of your quest to the Hive.
  • Note that you need to do this quest before you defeat the Defiler. If you defeat the Defiler before doing this quest, you will discover that the worms have disappeared and the tunnels toward the underground lair are now closed.

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