The Warlord of Blood

Quest name:  The Warlord of Blood
Objective:  To find and vanquish the Warlord of Blood.
Quest trigger:  The Steel Tome (Hell, First Level)

  • After you access the steel pulpit and acquire the steel tome, you should go back to Cain and mention it in order to advance the quest.
  • The Armories of Hell, where the Warlord of Blood awaits, is located in southwestern tip of Hell, level three. The door will be locked if you didn’t talk to Cain about the quest.
  • The Warlord of Blood is one TOUGH cookie. If you’re not a melee fighter, you need a meat shield, and a tough one. Expect to die in the first encounter.
  • The Armories of Hell doesn’t allow town portal, so cast your portal outside the armories, in Hell level three, before going in.
  • Defeating the Warlord will end the quest, and allow you access to the unique armor and unique treasure rack, containing some of the most powerful items in the game.

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