The Vile Betrayer

Quest name:  The Vile Betrayer
Objective:  To hunt down and destroy the Archbishop Lazarus.
Quest trigger:  Cain (Tristram)

  • If you didn’t talk to Cain about Archbishop Lazarus, the quest might not appear in your journal zentry until you have reached the Archbishop’s Inner Sanctum.
  • Note that town portal spells are not allowed in the Inner Sanctum and the Unholy Altar. But there are portals in those areas that will directly send you to town and allow you to come back to that level without casting a town portal.
  • To advance the quest, take the staff from the vile stand, talk to Cain, and enter the portal to the Unholy Altar located in the Inner Sanctum.
  • Lazarus is immune to Magical attacks and 4th level spells or lower. He also shoots magic missiles and lightning bolts everytime you hit him.
  • Lazarus has two or three Timestop spells, a few death spells, and a whole plethora of Evocation and Necromancy spells.
  • Lazarus will drop a high-end unique after he is vanquished. You won’t be able to enter the mysterious red portal in the middle of the Unholy Altar unless you have talked to Cain, and triggered the final quest in the game…
  • Speak with Tremayne (if he’s still around) to get a reward from him for vanquishing Lazarus. It is a very nice heavy mace, Lightforge. Unfortunately, you can’t sell it.

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