The Magic Banner

Quest name:  The Magic Banner
Objective:  Return (or not) the magic banner to Snotspill.
Quest trigger:  Snotspill (Cathedral, Fourth Level)
Quest Tie-in:  The Missing Tavern Sign.

  • Snotspill will not let you through the gate unless you have given him his magic banner.
  • The magic banner is actually the missing tavern sign in The Missing Tavern Sign quest.
  • Upon getting the tavern sign from the chest, you have the choice of (a) immediately giving it back to Ogden, or (b) giving it to Snotspill.
  • After Snotspill receives the magic banner, the gate will open, allowing you to pass – if you can survive the ensuing ambush.
  • There will be an ambush regardless of whether you give the sign back to Snotspill or not.
  • If you gave back the sign to Snotspill, he will drop it after he dies, and you can finish the Missing Tavern Sign quest normally, albeit with an alignment penalty already on you.

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