The Lord of Terror

Quest name:  The Lord of Terror 
Objective:  To destroy Diablo, the Lord of Terror.
Quest trigger:  Cain, after you have killed the Archbishop Lazarus (Tristram)

  • To get to Diablo, you would need to pull the levers in each of the first three quadrants of the fourth level of Hell.
  • The first quadrant (northwast) has one lever, second quadrant (northeast) has one lever, and the third quadrant (southwest) has two levers. After all the levers have been thrown, the fourth quadrant opens up, and inside it is a portal to Diablo’s lair.
  • You cannot cast a town portal inside Diablo’s lair, so cast one just before you enter the last portal in case you die.
  • Diablo’s magical attacks are all firebased, except for a couple death spells. Prepare as necessary.
  • Diablo’s melee attacks can really hurt, and you might find yourself chugging potions every three seconds. His apocalypse spell is negative/fire damage.
  • Diablo has one Heal spell.
  • After defeating Diablo, click on the soulstone, and accept the choice to finish the game.

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