The Island Where Angels Watched

Quest name:  The Island Where Angels Watched
Objective 1:  To seek out and enter the Island of the Sunless Sea.
Objective 2:  To bring Farnham back to the Island of the Sunless Sea.
Quest trigger:  Farnham, after you have reached the first level of the Catacombs.
Quest tie-in:  Izual and Azurewrath.

  • The entrance to the Island of the Sunless Sea is in the second level of the Caverns, at the northeast part of the area. It is marked by three large crystalline formations, and a mystic barrel a short distance in front of it.
  • After you have obtained the quest from Farnham, you should talk to Cain first in order to advance the quest.
  • In order to get rid of the large boulders blocking the entrance, you need to bash your way to the mystic barrel, where you will find a trinity stone.
  • Place the trinity stone on the crystal rock formation to the right of the entrance, which will then give you a trinity totem. Take that totem and place it in the crystal rock formation to the left, which will also give out a totem. Repeat the process with the middle crystal formation, which will also give you a totem. Where will you place the totem now? Check the barrel…
  • In the Island of the Sunless Sea, you will encounter the angel Hadriel, and after a long discussion with him, you can ask him how to access the locked armories on the island. He tells you that you need to fetch Farnham and bring him back to the island.
  • In Tristram, talk to Farnham, and if you’re in a generous mood, you can agree to carry him back to the island.
  • Once you get back to the island with Farnham, talk the Hadriel once again and give him Farnham. This will end the quest, and allow you to access the heavenly armories – each containing a unique item. A monty haul that would drive your gold count through the roof…

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