The Halls of the Blind

Quest name:  The Halls of the Blind
Objective:  Investigate the Halls of the Blind, and gather any unique treasure.
Quest trigger:  The Dark Book (Catacombs, Third Level)

  • After reading the Dark Book, you should talk to Cain about it in order to open up the door that leads to the Halls of the Blind.
  • The Halls of the Blind will be infested by Unseen, Stalkers and Illusion Weavers. Don’t try to fight every single monster in the area, just the ones that are in your way.
  • The main room (northeast) is infested by Illusion Weavers and a unique boss.
  • The altar in the room will give you the Optic Amulet, a piece of unique jewelry, and cast True Seeing spell on you. It will also end the quest.

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