The Demon in the Crypts

Quest name:  The Demon in the Crypts
Objective:  Confront the entrapped demon in the lowest bowels of the Crypt before it escapes.
Quest trigger:  Skulken’s First Journal (Crypts, First Level)

  • On your way down into the Crypts, you will find three torn journal notes that, when collected together, will tell you how to defeat the demon in the crypts.
  • The demon’s name is Na-krul, and he is trapped in a small chamber in the fourth level of the Crypts. There are two ways to release him – pulling the levers or reading the three magical grimoires in the correct order. Pulling the lever will release Na-krul, but his resistances will be at their peak, and you will have a hard time fighting him (25% immunity to melee, and 50% immunity to non-melee, good luck!)
  • The order in which to read the books is: In Spiritu Sanctum, Praedictum Otium, Efficio Obitus Ut Inimicus. (or for those too lazy to read, it’s Red, Green, Blue)
  • Defeating Na-krul will end the quest, and he will drop a book of Apocalypse and a random unique item. The two altars behind him also contain some goodies.

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