The Defiler

Quest name:  The Defiler
Objective:  Hunt down and destroy the Defiler in the festering nest, in order to stop its brood from overrunning the earth.
Quest trigger:  Entry into the first level of the Hive.
Quest tie-in:  Mello’s Cure, Grave Matters

  • You immediately get this quest as you take your first steps into the Hive, right at the moment that you hear the defiler taunting you.
  • The Defiler is located in the Festering Nest, which is the Hive’s fourth level.
  • Upon killing the Defiler, the quest ends and the creature drops a unique item, and its heart, which is a requirement for one of the henchman quests, Mello’s Cure.
  • Before leaving the Festering Nest after you have killed the Defiler, make sure to pick up the Cathedral Map from the portal near where you found the Defiler. It is required for Grave Matters, and serves as a key to open up the Crypt levels.

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