The Curse of King Leoric

Quest name:  The Curse of King Leoric
Objective:  Kill the undead manifestation of King Leoric.
Quest trigger:  Ogden the Tavern Owner (Tristram)

  • The door to King Leoric’s tomb is located southeast of third level of the Cathedral.
  • The door to the tomb will be locked if you did not initiate the quest with Ogden.
  • Town portal will NOT work inside King Leoric’s tomb. Cast a portal just outside the door to his tomb on Cathedral level three.
  • King Leoric can be tough for low level characters. Use a henchman or a summon to act as a meatshield.
  • It’s not a bad idea to run away if the fighting is too intense.
  • Killing Leoric will merit you the Undead Crown, and will open up the door to his treasure room for some more goodies.

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