The Chamber of Bone

Quest name:  The Chamber of Bone
Objective:  Go into the chamber of bone, and plunder its hidden treasure, if you don’t die first.
Quest trigger:  The Mysterious Book (Catacombs, Second Level).

  • After reading the Mysterious Book, you should talk to Cain about it in order to open up the door that leads up to the Chamber of Bone.
  • The door to the Chamber of Bone is located southeast of Catacombs, second level.
  • Town portal will not work inside the Chamber of Bone, and you won’t be able to get out once you get in, short of dying. Prepare as necessary before entering.
  • The treasure room is located on the eastern side of the chamber, but you need to throw a few levers in order to get to it – and get out of the chamber.
    • Go into the northwest room first, battle the undead there, and throw the lever to open up the door to the room in the northeast. Watch out for blade traps – walk along the edges outside the room.
    • Go into the northeast room, destroy the undead, and throw the lever to open the door to the middle (main) chamber.
    • There is a blade trap in the intersection in front of the main chamber. Walk along the edges, and prepare for a room filled with a couple dozen Burning Dead.
  • Destroy everything (or not) until you reach the lever located at the northern part of the chamber. This is the final lever that will open the treasure room, and the exit out of the chamber. It will also finish the quest.
  • Two chests in the treasure room contain unique treasure. Loot all the chests, and get out of the chamber back into Catacombs level two.

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