The Armor of Valor

Quest name:  The Armor of Valor
Objective:  Find Arkaine’s holy armor within his secret vault.
Quest trigger:  The Book of Blood (Catacombs, First Level).

  • After reading the Book of Blood, you should talk to Cain about it in order to open up the door that leads to Arkaine’s tomb.
  • You will need bloodstones in order to open the door to his tomb. Here is the order of bloodstones to be placed, and what they will trigger
    • Take the bloodstone from the Altar of Blood and place it into (your) LEFT pedestal. This will open the small chamber to your left.
    • Go into the left chamber, kill the Horned Demon, and obtain the second bloodstone from the sarcophagus within (beware of a floor trap).
    • Place second bloodstone into (your) RIGHT pedestal, which will open a small chamber to your right.
    • Same as before, fight the Horned Demon, beware of traps, and secure the last bloodstone from the sarcophagus.
    • Place the last bloodstone into the middle pedestal, and the door to Arkaine’s tomb will open.
  • Buff up and proceed with caution – the area inside is filled with tough Arcane Sentries and Horned Demons, and a couple Fire Clan await you in the secret vault.
  • You will obtain Arkaine’s Valor in his secret vault. The armor type will depend on your armor proficiency.

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