Quest name:  Shadowfang
Objective:  Retrieve the cursed demon blade, Shadowfang, and return it to Tremayne.
Quest trigger:  Tremayne the Priest, after you have killed Fleshdoom (Tristram)

  • You will find Shadowfang in the monument/altar located southeast of Hell, level three.
  • You have the option of bringing it back to Tremayne immediately, or waiting a while until the end of the game before you return it. This is because Shadowfang will mark the end of Tremayne’s life, and there might still be some items you can buy from Tremayne, not to mention a reward for the Vile Betrayer quest.
  • After you kill Tremayne and retrieve the sword from his remains, you need to either race back to the Hellforge (if you’ve already gone there), or keep the sword in a chest inside the Tavern of the Rising Sun. Keeping it in your inventory will slowly change your alignment to evil and slowly lower your reputation everytime you enter Tristram.
  • Once you reach the Hellforge altar, put the demon blade inside and it will end the quest…

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