Mello’s Cure

Quest name:  Mello’s Cure
Objective:  Retrieve the heart of the Defiler so that Mello can bring it back to his people and cure their disease.
Quest trigger:  Mello (Tavern of the Rising Sun)
Quest tie-in:  The Defiler

  • This quest is triggered when you talk to Mello after reaching the first level of the Catacombs.
  • Mello doesn’t actually tell you what he needs until you have opened up the entrance to the Hive and go in. After that he will tell you that he needs the Defiler’s heart when you speak to him.
  • After killing the Defiler, bring back its heart to Mello, and he will reward you with unique boots and end the quest.
  • After finishing the quest, Mello will ask if he could leave so he could bring back the Defiler’s heart to his people as soon as possible. Agreeing will shift your alignment to good and Mello will disappear from the game forever. Disagreeing will allow you to keep him as a henchman, but you will incur an alignment shift to evil – and a grouchy henchman.

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