Izual and Azurewrath

Quest name:  Izual and Azurewrath
Objective:  Seek out Izual the fallen angel.
Quest trigger:  Gillian, after you have reached the Island of the Sunless Sea and talked to Hadriel. (Tristram)
Quest tie-in:  The Island Where Angels Watched

  • After Gillian mentions Izual, talk to Cain in order to advance the quest forward.
  • You will meet Izual in the Hellforge.  Izual can be a very difficult opponent for someone who has not invested on strong armor and weapons by the time you meet him.  Spellcasters and ranged classes might want to bring along the warrior henchman, and/or summons, animal companions, etc to serve as meat shields, while you pummel Izual from afar.   Izual has the Harm spell, so make sure you are nowhere near him when he initiates combat for the first time, otherwise, he’ll whittle you down to a one-hit kill.
  • After Izual falls, the quest will end, and he will drop a unique item and his angelic runeblade, Azurewrath.  This is possibly the best weapon in the game, but only useable by Lawful Good alignments.
  • You cannot sell Azurewrath to anyone in town.  If you want to get rid of it, just revisit Hadriel in the Island of the Sunless Sea, if you managed to do that quest…

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