Quest name:  Fleshdoom
Objective:  Hunt down the demon called Fleshdoom and the cursed demon blade he wields.
Quest trigger:  Tremayne the Priest, after you have reached the first level of the Catacombs (Tristram)
Quest tie-in:  Shadowfang

  • After talking with Tremayne, you will get your first sighting of Fleshdoom in the northern part of the Catacombs, second level. It will advance your journal, but you won’t be able to attack him.
  • Second sighting of Fleshdoom will happen in the eastern part of the Caverns, second level. Again, he will just walk away.
  • You will finally get to confront Fleshdoom in a small room in the middle of Hell, second level. After you defeat Fleshdoom, it will end the quest, and pace the way for another quest once you inform Tremayne that you did not find the demon blade Fleshdoom was supposed to have.

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