Quest Name:  Andariel
 To seek out and slay the demon Andariel.
Quest trigger:  The Jail Warden, after you kill him (The Forest Caverns, Second Level)
Quest Tie-in:  The Strange Lights, The Lost Boys, The Bandit’s Brother

  • After you kill the Jail Warden, it will trigger the quest and open up the Temple Ruins entrance in the forests.
  • To reach Andariel’s lair, you need three runestones – one rune in the altar in Forest Caverns, second level. The other two runes you can obtain from the altars in the temple ruins.
  • The three runestones will activate the altar in the Sepulchers of Anguish, and spawn a portal to Andariel’s lair.
  • You cannot cast a town portal in Andariel’s lair, so cast a portal before you enter.
  • If your character is male, you will be greeted by a whole gamut of stat penalties and decreased attack/defense modifiers when you enter Andariel’s lair. Bringing a scroll of restoration should solve this.
  • Andariel has a couple of Timestop spells as well as a some death spells, in addition to the fireball damage you will receive everytime you hit her. Make sure to prepare accordingly.
  • Vanquishing Andariel will end the quest, and spawn a portal back to the Forest of Khanduras, near the entrance to the Temple Ruins.
  • Make sure that you have advanced/finished the Lost Boys and Bandit’s Brother quests before you enter Andariel’s lair – you won’t be able to reenter both the forest caverns and the temple ruins after the Andariel quest has ended.

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