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Several times has the Diablo saga been attempted to be translated to NWN, but none have done it justice… until now!

The Lord of Terror

The Lord of Terror - The Diablo Campaign Module

The Lord of Terror is the Diablo saga remade, reimagined, and enhanced – with all the original quests, plus several new ones!  Quests that were removed from the original game due to time constraints have now been restored into this NWN conversion.

Play with one of four optional henchmen – the warrior, the rogue, the sorcerer or the monk?  You choose! All unique equipment from Diablo and more, as well as unique bosses that pervade each dungeon level.

Experience more than 70 areas to explore, and more than 30 quests and side quests to undertake. Hundreds of unique armor and weapons can be attained.

Experience it in single player, or cooperate to fight the evil in multiplayer.  Experience Diablo like never before in the Neverwinter Nights module – The Lord of Terror…

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The Lord of Terror is a remake/reimagining of the original Diablo game published by Blizzard Entertainment in 1996, as well as its expansion Hellfire published by Sierra Online in 1997. This module is heavily combat oriented with very light role-playing.  Download it at the Neverwinter Vault now!

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I have started a complete video play-through of this module, to assist those who are interested in trying it out!  The video series also contain some background info on the module itself, as well as further explanation on the inspiration and motivation behind this reimagining.  To see the video playthrough, check out the Hints & Tips section, or view it directly on Youtube!  Enjoy and thanks for visiting the site!

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